Comedian Ebiye gets N500k cash gift after being called out on twitter for owing car dealer N900k

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Popular Nigerian content creator, Victor Ebiye is a happy man. Ebiye had purchased a Benz car before the pandemic but had a N900,000 balance to give the car dealer.

The pandemic came and it affected his earnings and Ebiye couldn’t  balance the car dealer the N900k left.
Anyway, the man called him out on twitter and now, one of his followers who felt touched, decided to give him N500k out of the money. An excited Ebiye went to receive the money and shared the good news on twitter asking his social media family to help him thank the man who he has never met before then.

“Twitter family come and join me sing hallelujah!!! @Mazigburugburu1 didn’t know me from Adam!!! yet, gave me a whole N500,000 via @bimbo_cash of @DemiCareNGO. Thank you so much sir I really appreciate you sir! God no go shame you Mazi!  LoveWins,” he wrote.

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