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The Unstoppable DJ Nero discusses his life and career

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Anih Chineye Jeremiah – the Unstoppable DJ Nero – is celebrating 9 years on stage. He wouldn’t have been so successful if he appeared sporadically. DJ Nero is a consistent performer and has grown in popularity, currently ruling the entertainment industry. What sets him apart is his special way of mixing and controlling different songs belonging to varied genres. Last year, DJ Nero won the VIP Award for the Best Rated DJ in Nigeria, his unique way of being making a mark. The great DJ is a native of Nkanu East LGA of Enugu State, born to a father that treasures African music and culture.

His parents didn’t approve of his career path

The man of many skills revealed that his parents didn’t support his career choice. DJ Nero’s vision for his life didn’t align with what his parents wanted. However, he decided to go against their wishes and followed his dream of becoming a disk jockey. According to DJ Nero, he received much-needed support only when he became successful. It pleased his parents to see him rise above the circumstance and do well. DJ Nero grew up listening to different pieces of music, such as afro juju, pop, highlife, jazz, afrobeat, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and soul, just to name a few.

DJ Nero’s success story is definitely an inspiring one. When you have the complete support of your loved ones, your career takes off swiftly. Well, others struggle a lot to make it big. Basic mixes can be mastered in less than an hour, but the skill required to produce music takes more than that. Tech makes can both help and hurt DJs. However, it doesn’t replace technical know-how. Those looking for opportunities to play need liability insurance. The DJ liability insurance cost can turn out to be too high for some performers. There’s no DJ success formula. And dreams don’t come true overnight, while you’re sleeping.

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DJ Nero thinks party mix helps entertainers grow

DJ Nero is one of those artists that create suspense and release it, always keeping audiences engaged. Practice, learning, and maintaining a positive attitude have brought him where he is today. DJ Nero is praised for promoting talented musicians in Nigeria and the world at large. Being gifted isn’t always enough to build a successful career. The entertainer has collaborated with several personalities and hopes to have similar opportunities in the future. DJ Nero believes that artists should still use mixtapes. From his point of view, it’s necessary to take the time and trouble to create party mixes.

What DJ Nero does as a professional helps him remain relevant in the entertainment industry. He disclosed that DJ Khaled is his role model. When discussing some of the limitations affecting local artists, DJ Nero affirmed that the growth of Nigerian DJs is limited by their focus on the local neighborhood. Basically, they don’t have a growth mindset. DJ Nero evolved from hosting street carnivals to playing at some of the most important events nationwide and worldwide.

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