ECOWAS Speaker urges African political leaders to allow citizens freely choose their own leaders

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Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament, Dr Sidie Mohammed Tunis, is urging political leaders in Africa to allow citizens choose freely their leaders at the various levels of governance to end the rising coups in the West African sub-region.

Dr. Sidie says the practice of imposing leaders on the citizenry and the manipulation in the various political levels leaves many dissatisfied and jolt them in the acts of coups.

Speaking at the 5th ECOWAS high-level Parliament seminar at Winneba, the speaker of ECOWAS parliament’s recent development in the region questions the commitment of stakeholders to these protocols and laws.

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He intimated that at the moment, they are monitoring the developments in Mali and they will continue to admonish the various political actors to stick to the various agreed roadmaps for the restoration of democratic rule

“We are also of the conviction that, in addition to the investments we have made in securing the transition to democratic order in Mali, more needs to be done to ensure that the people of Mali come out of the political crisis that looms,” he said.

He further disclosed that as a community Parliament, it is joining other stakeholders to call for the immediate restoration of democratic order and parliamentary activities in that country in the Republic of Guinea.

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He stated, “We, in this Parliament have condemned the military takeover in the Republic of Guinea which ultimately destabilized the country’s democratic rule. We shall continue to work with other stakeholders in this towards the restoration of the country to democratic rule.”

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