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Ghanaian music already plugged into international market, the problem is discovery – Ruddy Kwakye

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Executive Director of AfroNation Ghana, Ruddy Kwakye has described as erroneous the perception among Ghanaians that our music is not yet plugged into the international market.

According to him, the availability, patronage and use of digital platforms by both artistes and music lovers means music from Ghana is already on the international market.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z on Saturday, Ruddy Kwakye said that, “there is a system that we are already part of. If you pick your phone today and download Shazam, probably 99.9% of the time you are going to find that local song you are listening to on shazam.”

“That means we have been plugged in already. When was the last time you saw a CD release from your favourite artiste? When was the last time you saw a billboard that says CDs being sold at Kantamanto, rather not listing any of the streaming platforms? So, it is untrue to say we are not plugged in,” he stated.

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The music executive said despite the claims that the industry is not making progress, he believes there has been a massive growth over the years.

Ruddy Kwakye explained that what needs to be done is to find ways to get people across continents to discover Ghanaian music since it already exists on digital platforms.

He stated that on a daily basis, there are numerous contents being released by creators across the globe and thus, creators in Ghana need to do more than what others are doing to get the needed recognition.

“Nobody is getting it wrong. There are probably a billion people going after the same market. All of these people that are going after these markets actually are doing something, which means we need to do ten times more than they are doing. We also need to be able to spot when we have openings to be able to actually go in,” Ruddy Kwakye added.

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