Smallholder women farmers call for policymaking inclusion

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Smallholder Women Farmers Movement of Bono region have demanded inclusion in policy and decision making that seeks to address the causes and consequences of climate change.

According to them, smallholder women farmers hold enormous potentials to be used as agents to manage or combat the adverse impacts of changing climatic disorders.

Speaking in Sunyani ahead of the 2021 National Famers Day celebration, Chairperson for the Smallholder Women Farmers Movement in the Bono region, Grace Afrah, stated, it is imperative that adaptation policy considerations should necessarily include the outlook of rural smallholder women farmers, for holistic positive outcomes.

She said as the world continues to face an increasing critical need to act against climate change, the important role of smallholder women farmers in building resilience cannot be over-emphasized.

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Smallholder women farmers call for policymaking inclusion
Smallholder women farmers

“This, notwithstanding, smallholder women farmers are often ignored in policy decisions and strategies towards combating climate variability and climate change,” she pointed out.

Ms. Afrah further stressed, “it is for this reason that we the Smallholder Women Farmers Movement of Bono region are calling on the government to review the nationally determined contributions that will ensure adequate and bold climate change actions which support communities”.

She added it is also important for policymakers to always consider all stakeholders in mapping out strategies to deal with the impacts of climate variability and climate change.

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According to the smallholder women farmers, the effect of the climate crisis is increasingly taking its toll on people living in poverty and endangering the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, especially women.

Smallholder women farmers call for policymaking inclusion
Smallholder women

“It is, for this reason, we are focusing our efforts on campaigning for agro-ecological practices that are not only sustainable and environmentally friendly but promotes resilient livelihoods, guaranteeing food security for rural families and communities,” Ms. Afrah stressed.

Smallholder Women Farmers Movement is a group, passionate about campaigning for sustainable agriculture by influencing government policies and programmes through engagement and advocacy work.

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