Dr Omane Boamah: Christmas is coming, wear a mask

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Good morning friends,

I know many are living their “normal lives”: not wearing masks, not washing hands regularly with soap under running water, not using alcohol-based sanitisers regularly, etc.

But, sadly, the science of COVID-19 is not living a normal life…

We have seen atypical signs and symptoms in post-Covid-19 (clients) patients. This means even if you survive the scare of a COVID-19 infection, you may not escape its future complications.

This heavily mutated new variant in South Africa may just be a tip of the iceberg globally.

Fact is, you can live, enjoy life, attend funerals, parties, educational and religious programmes without exposing your nose and mouth to the SARS-COV-2 Virus that causes COVID-19.

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#CovidChristmas is coming!

I love you; and so I urge you to stay safe!

Best wishes!!!

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