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Artist Management

We at 29 entertainment work with artists to achieve their dreams of reaching stardom, we perform this through any of the under listed methods but achieve similar end result.


We collaborate with the artist to form a formidable team that will make their brand known world over. However, in collaborations the artist foot the bills and as well pay for our services while we manage the brand’s growth.


We provide advice on best steps to take in creating your brand and also how to remain relevant in the entertainment industry at a negotiable fee.


We use our connections and platforms to promote your brand, giving you a wider coverage and publicity for a negotiable fee.


Record Deal
We sign artist we believe have great talents but have no budget to promote their brand. We put in all our resources to ensure that the artist get to stardom. However, it is a business so we shall also hope to get a return on our investment. The artist shall be expected to sign a contract deed giving us equitable share in the entirety of the brand.


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