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Should Players Avoid Online Progressive Jackpot Slots?


One of the best things about playing progressive online slots is that it has different themes and features available, making it really easy to choose your favorite one. You have a world on your feet when we speak about slot machines. You can choose between a large number of different styles with million-euro prizes.

These slots have different themes to help you immerse yourself in an awesome adventure. You will have the opportunity to travel to the Amazonia with Tarzan or moving to the future with the Delorean, and if you don’t like these themes, there are thousands and thousands different slot themes, so for sure, there will be one for you.

So, if you want to be a good player, we advise you to read this article carefully, and you will become an expert. After you find the best online casino, we are going to tell you different reasons to play progressive slots.

1. Avoid playing only one type of game

One of the most important tips is not to play only one type of slot games because you will get bored soon and will play without thinking carefully. The principal problem with that is that most slots have a lower Return to Player or RTP if you compare it with the non-progressive slots. If you don’t win as before, you can look for a new game with a higher RTP. Here are some examples of games with a good RTP rate:

  • PayDirt by RealTime Gaming has an RTP of 97.5%.

  • Cleopatra’s Gold by RTG, and the RTP is 97.5%.

  • Outta This World Slot by RTG, and the RTP is 99%.

2. Don’t forget about reading the game help file

As you can see, the online slots are not difficult to play. You only need to deposit your money in your casino profile account, and then you just need to press the button to rotate the slot. Due to these easy characteristics, there are a large number of players who don’t read the rules. That’s a beginner’s mistake because this can cause most of the misunderstandings and common errors.

3. The terms and conditions are really important

As we said before, game help is important. Still, the other principal part is that you need to read the terms and conditions of all casinos you play before making your first deposit because it is another big misunderstanding source. There are too many welcome and daily deals for online casinos, so we advise you to use them and get advantages. Normally there are extra spins or extra opportunities; depending on the size of your first deposit, the normal amount can be anything from 5% to 100%.

4. You need to control your money

If you look at most online casino strategies, the principal problem is that most players normally neglect that they need a plan before starting playing. Usually, they don’t have it, so they look surprised when all their money disappears. You should set up a plan in your bank account, and it shouldn’t be difficult, taking only a couple of minutes. 

5. Playing without control

If you have been playing for three hours, and suddenly you watch the screen, then it’s full of lights and colors. Moreover, there are different sounds, and you became the “great winner.” You feel the positive emotions and adrenaline through your veins, and you want to win even more! It’s possible to be completely the opposite, you have a really bad day, and you lose all your budget. In both cases, you need to be careful and don’t lose your head.

Don’t make these mistakes again when you play online slots, and you will discover the difference between being a normal player or being a good player, and also, your wallet will discover it. Once you find online casino games that pay real cash, you can start playing as well!

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How to create an account for the Hollywoodbets login?


Hollywoodbets is considered to be one of the most famous and functional betting companies for African bettors. It is a multifunctional platform that offers many profitable solutions to its registered players. One only needs to create an account here, conduct the Hollywoodbets login and replenish their account to enjoy great sports betting or horse racing conditions.

The website of the betting company has a nice design and is thought out to the smallest detail. On this portal you will find the great deals and a lot of useful information. The office is licensed, therefore it provides its services legally. To register here, you will need to fill out a form indicating the following data:

  • name, surname, ID number or passport;
  • valid mobile phone number;
  • valid email address;
  • physical address of residence;
  • password.

You can also enter a unique promo code to get good rewards from the generous bookmaker company. The bookmaker’s promo campaign is amazing, so every player will find opportunities for stable earnings without any problems. 


The company’s website indicates that a huge number of events are held every day. Their number reaches an impressive mark of 70 thousand outcomes. That is why it is worth registering here, conducting the login to Hollywoodbets, and replenishing your account to start earning. Only adult players are allowed to create an account at this office. It’s also advisable to immediately study the conditions and requirements of the company to be aware of important information that will allow you to increase profits to the maximum.

Benefits of using the Livescores website

Gambling is always profitable at this office, because all the necessary conditions have been created for this. To increase your chances of winning, you will also need to try the features of the excellent website. This is a high-quality functional platform where every bettor can find a lot of useful information and statistics. All information is fresh and constantly updated in real time.

In addition to information in the live mode, you can study the data of the already finished matches of various championships. The list of tournaments on the site is enormous, so absolutely everyone will find the necessary information here. Moreover, the platform works around the clock and is accessible via absolutely any device. To use the capabilities of the Livescore site, you can also download a special utility and test all benefits of the office in a more convenient format and regardless of your location. You will only need a stable internet connection for this.

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Disclaimer: Re: ‘Tingo Announces New Payments System’


Our attention has been drawn to a number of press publications currently circulating online purported to have been issued by Tingo International Holdings with the above headline. 


In the said publication, Tingo was reported to have claimed it would be using Stanbic IBTC Bank’s payment gateway to power its new product, Tingo Pay.


While we have a Memorandum of Understanding with Tingo International Holdings on a possible partnership arrangement, we must state categorically that Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC (“the Bank”) has NOT concluded any agreement with Tingo International in respect of any payment system whatsoever, including “Tingo Pay”.


Please note that in the event that such an agreement with Tingo International is finalised at any time in the future, then the Bank will issue an appropriate Press Release at that time.

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10 facts you probably didn’t know about Tinubu at 69


National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu stands tall among leaders in Nigeria.


He is regarded as a patriotic elder statesman and Pan-Africanist who remains a great inspiration to African youths.


Here are 10 facts you may not know about Tinubu, who clocks 69 today.


1. He was born and christened Adekunle Bola Ahmed Tinubu on March 29, 1952 in Lagos, Nigeria.


2. He attended St. John’s Primary School, Aroloya Lagos and Children’s Home School in Ibadan. Tinubu then went to the United States in 1975 where he studied first at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago, Illinois, and then at Chicago State University.


3. He is a degree holder in Accounting from Chicago State University.


4. For his academic prowess, he was awarded the prestigious Sumna cum laude (a latin phrase meaning “with highest honor.”) for scoring 3.54 out of possible 4.0 GP.


5. With his successful academic profile, young Tinubu contested and won his first political election as President of the Accounting Society of the institution in his final year at the University.


6. He worked with Arthur Anderson, Deloitte and Sells and GTE Services Corporation. He joined Mobil Oil, Nigeria in 1983 after returning to Nigeria.


7. He holds the titles of Asiwaju of Lagos and the Jagaban of the Borgu Kingdom in Niger State, Nigeria.


8. During his eight-year rule as Lagos Governor, he made large investments in education and also returned many schools to the original owners.


9. He is blessed with three children: Oluwaseyi Tinubu, Abibat Tinubu and Folashade Tinubu (Iyaloja General).


10. On March 28, 2021, Tinubu visited Emir of Kano, in his advocacy towards national integration for growth and development.

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Why Is “Dundee United” an Insult in Nigeria?

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Nigeria. As well as following the domestic leagues and the fortunes of the Super Eagles themselves, there is also a strong fanbase for European football, in particular the English Premier League. In fact, football betting in Nigeria more often than not concentrates on the best teams in England and how they fare from week to week.

Scottish football, however, often flies under the radar in Nigeria. This, despite the fact that one of the teams currently playing in the Scottish Premiership, Dundee United, has entered the local lexicon as slang for “idiot”. How did this bizarre turn of events come to be? Why is Dundee United used colloquially as an insult, and are Nigerians even aware that the word originally referred to a football club in Scotland? To solve the riddle of the mystery, it’s necessary to look back through time.

Dundee United in its heyday

Established in 1909, Dundee United is one of the oldest clubs in Scotland.They’re also one of the most decorated on the domestic stage, having lifted the league title once and bagged two Scottish Cups and two League Cups, as well. But despite the fact that they’ve never claimed European silverware, there was a time when their name was feared in continental competition.

Indeed, Dundee United hold the unlikely record of being the only team in world football to have a 100% record over Barcelona FC over more than one match. They’ve played the Spanish heavyweights a grand total of four times across two ties, one in 1966 and one in 1987. They won all four games, being the only team to have done so against Barça in history.

An ill-fated tour

More than 30 years have passed since those halcyon days and Dundee United’s reputation has fallen somewhat sharply in the interim, nowhere more so than in Nigeria. Indeed, the origins of their ignominy in the African nation can be traced back to a 1972 tour of the country, when the team of well-paid and highly-respected professionals from Scotland won one, drew two and lost two against amateur teams in Nigeria.

So disappointing was their performance that the national press ran headlines with the words “Don’t Come Back” emblazoned on their back pages. In fact, one newspaper even called for a public inquiry into why the team had been invited to come to Nigeria in the first place, with other daily periodicals barely any kinder to the sorry Scots who made the journey.

An enduring reputation

It’s believed that this was the occasion on which “Dundee United” became a byword for idiocy and incompetence, first coined by the Yoruba people of western African and now common parlance among the entire population of Nigeria. It’s almost half a century since that dismal Dundee United tour, and although the origins of the idiom are unbeknownst to most Nigerians, the term is still commonly used today.

Indeed, many people interviewed over the story expressed surprise at the idea that a club would decide to name itself with such a depreciating moniker, not realising that the football team preceded the nickname by a good 60 years. Regardless, it’s a title that has stuck, so any Dundee United fans who plan to holiday in Nigeria would be well-advised to leave their orange strips at home for fear of ridicule at the hands of their hosts.

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How Does Live Sports Betting Work?


Not everyone knows how to bet in-game or how to evaluate the likelihood of a bet’s success. But live betting doesn’t require that knowledge. All you need is basic math skills and a little forethought. Imagine you are at a betting parlor with six other people at the counter, all placing $5 bets on the Miami Dolphins to beat the New York Jets this Sunday. You want to bet $10 to make a $60 bet on Miami, and your wife wants to make a $100 bet on the Jets for a $200 total bet. If Miami wins the game, she can take her $100 bet, and you will take the $60 and still win $40 on your bet.

Can You Bet on Every Live Sports?

There are many kinds of popular sports betting, such as in-game bets, push bets, money line bets, and other types of interactive bets. The only rule to know about them is to be wary of push bets and bets that come in too early. Just because you have a betting account at a particular online bookmaker does not mean you can wager on all sports. 

Some sports require special in-person contests and documentation, and not all online bookmakers offer that. If you want to see all the different sports betting sites and the possibilities they offer, we have gathered some useful links from the most trusted online sportsbooks to get you started. You can even check out the world of e-sports betting for more options! Where can You Bet on Live Sports?

What Changes During Live Betting?

With traditional sports betting, there is a substantial amount of “additional” games played just before in game betting. All these games may or may not have some impact on the outcome of the main event. And these games may include early-round playoff games, the preseason games for the next season, and exhibition games. All these games are already subject to set odds, but additional bets are placed on the games to take place prior to the big one. 

However, these games are not offered in the live sports betting world, but the big favorites will still go up and down in the face of some poor play. There may also be a few letdowns. There may even be a certain amount of bad luck that makes live bettors think that the game’s outcome is more likely to change than it actually is.

How does College Basketball Live Betting work?

Live bets are an aspect of college basketball that is emerging quickly and proliferating. The amount of money wagered on college basketball bets is higher than in almost any other sport. With college football, for example, bets placed during an entire season are unlikely to be able to match the money bet on games at the Final Four. 

Even in the NHL, there are only a handful of people who bet on every game for every betting line. But when you look at college basketball, every team has at least a few games each year that are televised on the major networks. Some of those games are televised on the biggest sports channels. If you have a favorite team, you have to watch their games.

How does College Football In-Game Betting work?

To give you a real picture of live betting, we recommend you go to and find the events that interest you. Sign up for an account and make a bet on any of the listed games, and you’ll be able to watch the game in a seat at the bar or in a booth at your favorite restaurant as you watch the game. What is more, you can take advantage of the 1xbet bonuses offered by some of the sites.

How does MLB Live Betting work?

With a live account, you can be sure that you’re in with the best and get all the help and assistance needed to make a winning bet on your favorite MLB team. First, you can use to learn about your team, its players, and its strategies. You can get up-to-the-minute reports on injuries, press conferences, and locker room chatter. This is a great way to follow your team closely and find out all the latest news without getting too caught up in the hype of MLB playoffs. 

Once you know enough about your team, you can find the best in-play betting options and combine them with the best in-play betting odds. This is the main reason why MLB in-game betting is so popular. You can make solid predictions without really placing a bet and at low risk.

How does NBA Live Betting work?

For fans of the NBA, NBA in-game betting offers exciting bettors the chance to make a lot of money. It’s a unique in-play betting system that has a market to answer every bet. Think of it as buying a stock at the opening bell. When the basketball starts up, the market opens. Let’s say that the opening-game spread on the game is Philadelphia vs. Oklahoma City. 

A wise gambler might know the type of team you want to bet on. They might be a historically good team with a proven record of success. They’re more likely to be playing at home and will need a strong performance to keep the home-court advantage.

How does NFL Live Betting work?

The NFL released a report on January 12th, 2018, with a glimpse of the league’s plans for legal sports betting in 2018. The document stated that “as of July 2018, it is anticipated that 8 states will offer legal, regulated sports betting: California (elite); Delaware; New Jersey (east coast, New Jersey; west coast, Nevada); Mississippi; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; West Virginia (elite); and New Mexico”. 

As things currently stand, New Jersey is leading the charge on allowing sports betting to take place in the Garden State. The courts were not too far behind, and an injunction was granted that prevented the state from implementing its law in 2014. New Jersey’s law allows for sports betting and provides for online bets from anywhere in the US.

How does NHL Live Betting work?

NHL in-game betting is similar to live basketball, baseball and football betting. You bet on a team’s odds of winning a game and on specific game events. With NHL Live, you can bet on the number of goals or games won by each team. You can also place bets on individual players or teams to win a game.


Most people are familiar with traditional sports betting because this is the primary avenue for people in the United States to bet on a sport. At the point when the game begins, bettors have to choose teams. At the start of live sports betting event, the bookies can take the bets placed by the bettors during the first part of the game and consider the favorites or the teams believed to have the most potential for winning a match. 

These are the teams that are favored to win the game, and they will have lower odds to win than the teams that are considered underdogs. Then, depending on how the match is progressing, the bookies will allow the underdog to gain a little bit of steam. This can happen in several ways; there could be a missed field goal or a turnover.

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#LekkiTollGate: Five Months After, Nigerians Ask: ‘Who Ordered #LekkiMassacre?’


Five months after operatives of the Nigerian Army stormed the Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos and opened fire on the peaceful #EndSARS protesters, Nigerians are demanding answers.


The protesters who were demanding an end to police brutality and good governance in the country had converged at the toll gate before being shot by armed security personnel on October 20, 2020.


Several are feared killed, while many others sustained gunshot wounds.


Following the incident, the National Economic Council (NEC) which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo chairs, had unanimously agreed to set up a judicial panel of inquiry to address the cases of victims of police brutality and compensate their families.


The panel was inaugurated by state governors across the country with members given a six-month period to function and forward its recommendations to the state governments.


However Nigerians seem not to be pleased that five months after the nation experienced what could be termed as a ‘Black Tuesday’, the authorities are yet to fish out the security operatives who shot at the innocent protesters.


In addition, they are demanding answers as to who ordered the shootings as well as the arraignment and prosecution of the military personnel.

 On Saturday, using the hash tag #LekkiMassacre, the young Nigerians are asking why nobody has been prosecuted for the murder of innocent protesters whose only crime was seeking a livable country.


“The person who ordered the #LekkiMassacre is a Nigerian like us. He still breathes oxygen like us. He still receives love from his family, yet he terminated the future of scores of Nigerian youths. It has been 5months and it will remain evergreen in our hearts,” a Twitter user wrote.

One of the social media users, SAMSON OF AFRICA, lamented that 150 days have gone by with the perpetrators of the Lekki massacre yet to be arrested.


“150 days gone and yet the perpetrators of #LekkiMassacre has not been arrested. Who ordered the shootings of #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on 20th October 2020?” he questioned.

The Lagos state government initially denied that anyone died in the October 20, 2020 shooting, only to admit two deaths later. An extensive investigation conducted by FIJ, however, revealed that well over 20 people atthe protest scene died after sustaining diverse degrees of bullet injury.


As more evidence confirming that the soldiers shot at protesters at Lekki Toll Gate resurfaced, the Nigerian Army pulled out of the investigative panel set up to look into the incident. The Lagos Judicial Panel Panel of Inquiry and Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and Lekki Toll Gate Incident also suffered a credibility blow after Rinu Oduala, one of the youth representatives and arrow head in the protest, renounced her membership. Rinu cited “undue intimidation of peaceful protesters” and the panel’s decision to re-open the Toll Gate where the shooting took place.

In his reaction, Ayanfe Adeyemi, another Tweeter user, accused the government of orchestrating the murder to stop the new-found unity among Nigerian youth.


“They got scared of our unity instead of being inspired by Nigerians’ creativity and tenacity. We said stop killing us, but their response was #LekkiMassacre. It’s exactly 5months and no one is taking responsibility… A day of reckoning is on the wa; we won’t spare them,” he said. 

  See others reactions below: 

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BCG Prescribes Post-COVID Recovery Roadmap For Nigeria


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consultancy firm, has proposed the promotion of financial inclusion, equitable distribution of resources, infrastructural development and formulation of requisite fiscal policies as initiatives that will drive Nigeria’s post-Covid economic recovery.


The measures were highlighted in a recent BCG report titled How to Forge an Inclusive Post-Covid Recovery in Nigeria” authored by Tolu Oyekan, a Partner at the firm’s Lagos office. The report stated that the initiatives, which form part of Nigeria’s sustainability plan, are critical in staving off the Covid-19 induced economic contraction which could further compound the poverty situation in the country.


According to 2021 World Bank projections, SubSaharan Africa will experience a severe economic slump. It is predicted that the negative impact on Nigeria, being the continent’s largest economy and most populous country, will be grave, especially amongst the poor. A steep drop in per capita income could lead to an increase in the number of vulnerable Nigerians. An estimated 83 million Nigerians – about 40 percent of the population – already live below the poverty lines in the country.


Tolu Oyekan however posits that a financial inclusion drive through infrastructural intervention projects, will reduce Nigeria’s poverty population and also have a positive multiplier effect on the Nigerian economy. He listed the electrification of rural households through a pay-as-you-go solar service and cashless transactions via telco induced mobile money platforms, as examples of such infrastructural intervention projects.


The Nigerian government has a target of installing new home solar power systems and mini-grids for over 5 million low-income households by the end of 2023. Many of these households either have no source of power, or rely on small, inefficient generators for electricity. These families will need to use PAYGo, an installment financing option offered with mobile money bank accounts, to purchase the installation kits for these systems. Customers who have an existing mobile money account have a higher chance of accessing the facility than others who don’t.


Speaking on the impact of the project, Tolu Oyekan said: “Our analysis shows that a PAYGo loan would make solar kits affordable for about half of the 31 million households that do not have reliable electricity and may also considered to be in a low-income bracket. What’s more, we found that 3.2 million out of 17 million households currently using kerosene and candles as their lighting source could afford the monthly PAYGo payments based on their current spending on lighting, plus about 10 per cent of their nonfood budget.”


He highlighted a recent USAID research which estimates that between 15 to 30 percent of PAYGo solar customers will create a credit history for the first time when they purchase a solar home system with a PAYGo plan. Stressing the importance of having a credit history and financial footprint, he said: “That credit history could, in turn, lead to other loans for large expenses, such as school fees, which can consume up to 40 percent of a family’s annual income. Credit histories are also a critical driver of growth for small-business enterprises and first-time business entrepreneurs.”

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Tough detective, rejected twice by senate — the rise and fall of Magu at EFCC


Senators must have wondered what was so special about Ibrahim Magu that, despite rejecting him twice, President Muhammadu Buhari insisted he was the ‘chosen one’ to head the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).


Magu was appointed in acting capacity in November 2015, and by March of 2017, the senate, for the second time, asked for a replacement as it wouldn’t approve his appointment. The senate’s rejection followed an accusation of corruption and gross violation of human rights brought against Magu by the Department of State Services (DSS).


The secret police had also accused him of being in possession of “undeclared pieces of property”.


The allegations were, however, denied by Magu.




There couldn’t have been a more fitting replacement for Ibrahim Lamorde than Magu; the crack detective who was feared by many.


Upon the establishment of EFCC in 2003, Magu was seconded to the commission and worked closely with Nuhu Ribadu, the pioneer chairman.


He served as the head of the economic governance section of the operations department. The unit was said to have handled most of the high-profile cases involving politically-exposed persons, including James Ibori, a former Delta governor who served a jail term in the United Kingdom for money laundering.


Magu, who was also involved in the Halliburton bribery scandal, is regarded as one of the toughest interrogators the EFCC has had in its history, such that politicians on the commission’s radar feared being interrogated by him.


“Magu is the toughest interrogator you can ever think of. When he grills suspects, they sweat even in the coldest of rooms. He takes his time, does not rush his questions but he can question you for a whole day and wear you down”, a former governor said in 2015.


 “We used to plead with Ribadu that he should not allow Magu to grill us, that we would rather be grilled by another officer,” the governor added.


It is no wonder that Magu came highly recommended as the “tough man” for the job.


After “failing the integrity test” of the senate, it was expected that the president would send in a replacement, but this never happened.


The argument about if the president can retain an appointee not confirmed by the senate immediately started — but it appeared Buhari was unperturbed about the action of the legislators.


Weighing in at the time, Femi Falana, senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN), argued that the constitution empowers the president to leave Magu as acting chairman of EFCC for as long as possible.


“Section 171 of the constitution has vested the power in the president to appoint any person to that office or act in that office and the duration is not specified. Of all the positions listed there, positions to be occupied by public officers without any reference to the senate – secretary to the government of the federation, permanent secretaries, head of service and heads of extra-ministerial departments like the EFCC and the ICPC,” Falana had argued.


Standing on Falana’s argument, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo explained that the president did not find the indictment by the DSS as a strong reason to replace Magu.


“I don’t think the DSS report is meritorious enough to withdraw his nomination,” the president was quoted to have said.


But in 2018, a federal high court in Abuja ruled that the senate acted within the law when it rejected the nomination.




Just as he battled corruption allegations upon his appointment, Magu, who had now acted as chairman of the anti-graft agency for about five years, was suspended in July 2020– again, on corruption allegations.


His trouble this time followed a memo by Abubakar Malami, attorney-general of the federation (AGF), in which Magu was accused of grave malfeasance.


He was alleged to have mishandled recovered loot and was selling seized assets to associates. He was also alleged to have refused to subject himself to the supervision of the office of the AGF.


All of these allegations were described by Magu as “nonsense”.


“They are nonsense. They are mere trumped-up allegations to tarnish my image and that of the EFCC. I did not steal or divert or convert funds to private use,” Magu said at the time — but a presidential panel headed by Ayo Salami, retired president of the appeal court, had already been tasked to probe him.


Mohammed Umar, the agency’s director of operations, had also been named acting chairman pending the conclusion of the investigation of Magu.


In November, the panel found Magu guilty and recommended to the president that he should be sacked as EFCC boss. It was later revealed that the president had since 2018 ordered DSS to investigate Magu.


Amid the eventual probe in 2020 by the Salami-led panel, the president said he gave the order to the panel because of “serious allegations” against the anti-graft agency.


The journey at the EFCC came to an end for Magu, a commissioner of police, on Tuesday when the president asked the senate to confirm Abdulrasheed Bawa, Lagos zonal head of the anti-graft agency, as the substantive chairman.

culled: TheCable

Feature News

Six quick facts about EFCC chairman nominee Bawa


President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday nominated Abdulrasheed Bawa as substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).


This was announced in a statement by Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, which says President Buhari was acting in accordance with Paragraph 2(3) of Part1, CAP E1 of EFCC Act 2004.


Here are six quick facts about Abdulrasheed Bawa:


1. Abdulrasheed Bawa is 40-year-old


2. He is a trained EFCC investigator with vast experience in the investigation and prosecution of Advance Fee Fraud cases, official corruption, bank fraud, money laundering, and other economic crimes.


3. He has undergone several specialised trainings in different parts of the world and was one of the pioneer EFCC Cadet Officers in 2005.


4. Bawa holds a BSc degree in Economics and Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy.


5. Before his appointment, Bawa was the Lagos zonal head of the anti-graft agency.


6. He will be taking over from Mohammed Umar, who has been in acting capacity since July 2020 after the suspension of Ibrahim Magu over allegations of corruption.