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Rinu Oduola, Aisha Yesufu, FemCo… the women who powered #EndSARS movement


It’s a year already and the echoes of the #EndSARS protests that rocked Nigeria are still reverberating around the country. In October 2020, Nigerian youths took to the streets to protest against police brutality and the now-disbanded special anti-robbery squad (SARS) unit.

The youths also demanded better governance from the government.

What started as a regular protest, in no time, morphed into a national demonstration embraced by many youths in different states.

During the protest, friendships were forged, alliances made, and even some “enemies” ditched their hatred for one other and decided to work together.

For about two weeks, the youths, in their thousands, converged on different places on a daily basis to press home their demands. But the protest took a turn for the worse at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos, on October 20, when soldiers were drafted to disperse protesters.

While the movement lasted, the female folk took the reins of leadership by fuelling the #EndSARS protest in different ways — ranging from being at the forefront of the protest to providing legal services to protesters who were arrested, to supplying medical services and feeding people.

Meet some of the women who made the #EndSARS protest a success:


Oduola, a social media influencer, was a prominent figure during the #EndSARS protest. A human rights activist, she used her social media platform to mobilise and encourage Nigerians to join the protest and was among the first people out on the street.

Oduola had said she wanted to use her voice to speak against extrajudicial killings, extortion, and harassment in the country.

Following the protest and the setting up of judiciary panels in states, Oduola was chosen as one of the youth representatives of the Lagos judicial panel on police brutality. But she withdrew from the role about two months after.

At one of its sittings, the panel had granted approval for the return of Lekki tollgate to the control of Lekki Concession Company (LCC).

Oduala and Temitope Majekodunmi, another youth representative, had criticised the decision, saying their views were not reflected in the panel’s ruling.

Oduala described the development as an act of injustice and said she would not be part of a cover-up.

She was also one of the protest promoters whose bank accounts were frozen by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in the wake of the #EndSARS protest.

The CBN had approached a court to seek an order to freeze the accounts of 20 #EndSARS protesters for 90 days. Following the expiration of the 90 days, Ahmed Mohammed, a federal high court judge, ordered the unfreezing of the accounts.

Reacting to the verdict, Oduola had described the embargo placed on her account as an act of intimidation while claiming that the CBN did not carry out any investigation within the stipulated three months.


Yesufu is a co-founder of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement and a renowned activist.

A fiery and vocal protester, Yesufu was another notable force during the #EndSARS protest. She was among those who led the protest in Abuja.

At a point during the protest, the police were deployed to disperse protesters from their convergence point. The police fired tear gas at the protesters and while many ran away for fear of being hurt, Yesufu, undaunted, stood her ground and refused to leave.

Her resilience and bravery encouraged many protesters to fight on.

One of her pictures, where she was clad in a hijab, with a fist raised in front of protesters, became one of the symbols of the #EndSARS movement.


In one of her recent tweets to commemorate the anniversary, the activist asked Nigerians not to give up on the country.

“We must never give up on Nigeria. As long as those who kill us do not get tired, those of us that want to live will also not get tired,” she tweeted.



The Feminist Coalition is one of the groups that provided support during the #EndSARS protests.

Made up of young women, the group helped to raise funds for protesters by asking supporters to make contributions. 

During the protests, the coalition helped to receive donations via bitcoin, after government authorities reportedly blocked its account.

According to the group, the monies were donated to fund legal services, medical services, among other things.

When the protest came to an end, the coalition put a stop to donations and announced a breakdown of how the remaining funds — about N87 million — would be disbursed.

Some of the expenses included paying the #EndSARSresponse team, relief for victims and families of police brutality, legal aid network, and memorial for the fallen.


Odele, a member of the Feminist Coalition, was a leading force during the #EndSARS protest.

Odele, a lawyer and a social media influencer, was among those who coordinated the provision of security support to protesters and helped facilitate legal aid to those who were arrested.

But in what appeared to be a clampdown on promoters of the protest, Odele’s passport was seized by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on November 1, 2020, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, when she was on her way to the Maldives to celebrate her birthday.

Her passport was later released by the NIS eight days later.


Abudu also came into the spotlight during the #EndSARS protest.

A member of the Feminist Coalition, she, in collaboration with some individuals on social media, helped to raise funds to seek the release of several protesters arrested during the demonstration.

She also engaged in disbursing funds for the treatment of injured protesters, and also, the feeding of protesters.


Obianuju Catherine Udeh, better known as DJ Switch, was one of the many women that played significant roles during the #EndSARS protest.

She live-streamed the Lekki protest on Instagram on the evening of October 20, affording those who were not at the scene of action the opportunity to have a glimpse of what was going on at the protest ground.

More notably, she narrated how the Nigerian army, who had been deployed to the scene by the government, allegedly shot at protesters.


Balogun is a medical doctor who provided medical assistance to protesters during the #EndSARS movement.

She was one of the health workers who were on the ground to attend to the medical needs of the protesters.


During the protest, Balogun shared information about where to get medical assistance via her Twitter handle while also mobilising other health workers to join the cause. 


She also alleged that her account was frozen by the CBN.


She was, at a point, arrested by the police during the protest. According to her, the officers threatened to shoot her and dump her body in a canal. 


Spurred by the determination of protesters, Ogbonna, an entrepreneur who resides in Abuja, took it upon herself to cook and feed the demonstrators.

According to Ogbonna, she cooked for protesters in Abuja for almost two weeks.

She said she was encouraged by the Lekki protesters who had people sending them food and drinks.

Ogbonna told TheCable that an “unpleasant” encounter she once had with the defunct SARS also encouraged her action.

“While buying ingredients at the market, I remembered how, in 2019, SARS raided our compound. They came to arrest some boys in the compound and they wouldn’t let us out of the compound, as much as we tried to explain to them that we were not involved,” she said.

“While trying to explain, one of them cocked his gun and pointed it at me. I was very scared that day. This memory prompted me to cook for the protesters. After the first day that I cooked, I went online and asked people that I needed who could assist me. The response I got was amazing and it prompted me to do more.”


Ogbonna got donations from supporters after the first day she cooked.


“Some donated cash, foodstuff, water, brought their cars for delivery,” she said.


Despite collapsing at the protest ground due to exhaustion, she still forged ahead with her duty.


She added that although the task affected her business as she was unable to dedicate time to it, she was determined to play her part to make the protest a success. 

culled: TheCable

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What you should know about amendments to Electoral Bill 2021


The Nigerian Senate at its plenary on Tuesday passed amendments to clauses 43, 52, 63 and 87 of the Electoral Bill 2021, the Situation Room has noted.


Situation Room is a platform of civil society organisations working on elections, good governance and other issues in Nigeria.


The Senate had initially passed the Bill in July 2021, alongside the House of Representatives.


However, the Senate’s amendments to the Bill are as follows:


Clause 43: Insertion of “Electronic Voting Machine” in subsections (1) and (3).

Situation Room


Clause 52: Amendment to subsection (2) by substituting with a new subsection which reads, “Subject to Section 63 of this Bill, voting at an election and transmission of results under this Bill shall be in accordance with the procedure determined by the Commission.”


And the deletion of subsection (3) of Clause 52.

Clause 63: Amendment to subsection (5) by deleting the word “transmit” and replacing with “transfer.”


Clause 87: Amendment to subsection (1) by substituting with a new subsection which reads, “A political party seeking to nominate candidates for elections under this Bill shall hold direct primaries “for aspirants to all elective positions, which shall be monitored by the Commission.”

Situation Room


Insertion of subsection (3) which reads “The procedure for the nomination of candidates by political parties for the various elective positions by direct primaries shall ensure that all aspirants are given equal opportunities of being voted for by members of the party and “given opportunity to have agents for the purpose of monitoring the primaries.”


Insertion of a new subsection (4) which reads, “The procedure adopted for direct primaries shall be spelt out in a guideline to be issued by the political party and filed with the Commission at least 14 days before the primary election.”


Insertion of a new subsection (5) which reads, “A political party shall maintain register of its members and provide in the guideline for the conduct of the primaries that the register of its members shall be used for accreditation for the primaries.”


Insertion of a new subsection (6) which reads, “The Commission shall deploy personnel to monitor the primaries in all the centres where the direct primaries are held.”

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FIFA 22 Is On Its Way – Here Are Their Highest-Rated Premier League Stars

The highly-anticipated FIFA 22 is finally being released on 1st October 2021 by major developers EA Sports. To honor the event, the world-renowned sports video game developer and publisher has unveiled its list of the top 11 highest-rated Premier League players of the game.

As expected, Lionel Messi slid into first place with a rating of 93 out of 100, followed closely by record-breaking Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne, each rated an impressive 91 out of 100. De Bruyne, the Belgian footballer and midfielder for Manchester City, is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world. 

Next up is Harry Kane, captain of the English national team and Tottenham Hotspurs striker, and Chelsea’s and France’s central midfielder, N’Golo Kante. Both esteemed players received a score of 90 out of 100. Liverpool quartet Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk (with 89 points each), Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Andrew
Robertson (87 points each) made up the rest of the top spots, along with Tottenham Hotspurs forward Son Heung-min (89) and Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes (88).

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson is also well-represented with 89 points. Interestingly enough, Liverpool’s Alisson Becker received the same rating as Ederson but didn’t make the XI. The same can be said for Liverpool’s Sadio Mane (89), who didn’t earn a place despite having the exact same rating as teammate Salah.

That said, when totaling up the individual statistics, both Ederson and Salah are rated a bit higher than their slighted counterparts. Not all ratings have been released, so fans eagerly await the ratings for Premier League favorites like Ruben Dias, Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling, and Jack Grealish, among others. 

Source: Pixabay

Best in Premier League History

The football betting season has gotten off to a sizzling start: current odds within the outright football betting markets seem to be leaning towards old favorites like Manchester City (2.87), Manchester United (6.5), Chelsea (3.00), and Liverpool (4.5). Perhaps this is no surprise to punters and pundits, as the current top four teams are among the best in Premier League history and have persistently sustained top-table positions or clawed their way back after the odd dismal season.

Meanwhile, past favorites like Tottenham, Everton, and Arsenal aren’t looking so promising at the moment with odds of 81.00, 201.00, and 151.00, respectively. Undoubtedly, the ongoing performances of top Premier League players may alter these odds and as the campaign progresses, punters are likely to see the classic antics of the occasional underdog shocks and some of the mighty succumbing to the pressure and failing to deliver.

Consider, for example, Ronaldo’s shocking move to Manchester United and the impact of his contributions to the squad. The string of powerful performances from the rejuvenated Red Devils is just the beginning of what’s expected to be a thrilling season of football. In addition, the imminent release of FIFA 22 is only contributing all the more to the hype.

The Premier League certainly boasts some of the most incredible and talented players in the world. Experts agree that Liverpool’s first XI is the best they’ve seen in Premier League history, while City’s team remains exceptional. Chelsea is also said to be a serious competition this season, while Manchester United, with the addition of Ronaldo, as well as the likes of Sancho and Varane, could very well prove to be unstoppable.


Fans can’t contain their excitement for the launch of FIFA 22, which saw last year’s edition being delayed. The good news is that there are no expected delays this year and the release of the latest version of the widely popular football game is said to be right on track.

While every edition of FIFA was released in September, this year marks the first time since 2003 that the latest version arrives in October. However, fans we well aware of the delay and look forward to what’s in store for them with this latest and likely incredibly realistic rendition of the beloved game of football

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FULL LIST: Buhari, Gbaja, Govs, 25 other politicians who visited Tinubu in London within two months


At least over 30 politicians have visited the National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress in London, the United Kingdom in the last two months.


Tinubu, who celebrated his 69th birthday in March 2021 and command an arguably large following of political loyalists, has been rumoured to nurse presidential ambition iin 2023.


Tinubu’s health has been a subject of controversy of late but in a press statement on July 31, 2021, his Media Adviser, Tunde Rahman, said though the former Lagos State Governor was out of Nigeria, he was not hospitalised as claimed by some reports.


“He (Tinubu) is out of the country at the moment. He will be back shortly,” he said, adding that his boss was “hale and hearty”.


In an effort to dispel the overwhelming rumour about Tinubu’s reported ill health, Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, told reporters in Lagos on August 4, 2021 that he visited Tinubu in London and took photos with him.


Sanwo-Olu said, “Yes, indeed, I am the one you saw in the picture that I took when I visited our leader in London just to dispel all of the rumours that were flying around that he was sick and hospitalised.


“You saw him (Tinubu). He is well, he is healthy and we conversed. We talked about what is happening in our party, what is happening in the nation and just to say to him that all is well.


“I went to see things for myself. It is just to put the mind and heart of people to rest that there is nothing for us to worry about,” the governor disclosed.


In recent years, the UK has become a destination for the Nigerian elite including the President who frequent London for medical tourism while perpetual industrial actions, lack of modern equipment, failure of government to pay doctors’ salaries, amongst others mar Nigeria’s health sector.

On August 12, 2021, presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad, shared photos on Facebook that showed Tinubu leaning on a walking stick as he posed for a shot with the President Muhammadu Buhari.


Buhari also visited the APC chieftain in London, presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, subsequently confirmed.


In a statement by his Media Office, Tinubu described the President’s visit as “friendly and welcome one”, adding that, “By this gesture, Mr. President has, again, demonstrated his personal thoughtfulness and humility; defying the erroneous commentaries peddled by his critics.



Following Buhari’s visit, scores of politicians and loyalist of the APC leader including governors, senators, amongst others have since visited him in London as seen in viral photos after such visits.


Aside from Sanwo-Olu, Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu; his Ekiti State counterpart, Kayode Fayemi; as well as Kano State Governor, Umar Ganduje, have visited Tinubu in London in the last two months.


In the entourage with Ganduje were his wife Hafsat Ganduje; their son, Umar Ganduje; three lawmakers as well four other members of the Ganduje’s family.


Others who also visited Tinubu in London include House of Representatives Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila; ex-Governor of Ogun State and current Senator representing Ogun Central, Ibikunle Amosun; former Governor of Borno State and current Senator representing Borno Central, Kashim Shettima; and member representing Gubio, Kaga and Magumeri Federal Constituency of Borno State, Usman Zanna.


Also on the list are Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat; Chief of Staff to Lagos State Governor, Tayo Ayinde; Deputy Chief of Staff to Lagos State Governor, Gboyega Soyannwo; Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Education, Tokunbo Wahab; former APC National Legal Adviser, Muiz Banire.


Others are Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa; Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, Temitope Adewale; Chairman of the House Committee on Physical Planning and Urban Development, Nureni Akinsanya; as well as Chairman of the House Committee on Overseas Investments and Sustainable Development Goals, Sylvester Ogunkelu.


The Senator representing the Lagos East Senatorial District, Adetokunbo Abiru; Senator Opeyemi Bamidele from Ekiti Central; Senator Adeola Solomon from Lagos West; Senator Adelere Oriolowo from Osun West; and Senator Mohammed Sanni from Niger East Senatorial District also visited the ex-Lagos governor in London.


Chairman of Isolo Local Council Development Area, Adebayo Olasoju; another politician, Adekunle Akanbi; and popular Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde, popularly called KWAM 1.


Though Tinubu’s spokesman had said his principal was “hale and hearty” the APC leader continues to receive dignitaries, most serving politicians, in his London home, with many Nigerians wondering the purpose of the visits.


Some critics of the visitors have also taken to social media to ask whether the serving politicians funded the UK trip to check on Tinubu with taxpayers’ money.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria is not Worried About the National Currency


The national currency of Nigeria is hitting new lows, however, The Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) director of monetary policy, Hassan Mahmood, claimed that the bank is more concerned with “raising the supply of the dollar in the foreign exchange market” than with the naira’s valuation. The entire situation feels like a gambling game out of  22Bet’s book, both sides bet on opposite outcomes. The country has been suffering from a lack of dollars for quite some time, but the bank has tried to impose regulations, which will in turn, potentially, even out the ongoing situation.

The CBN warned microfinance institutions on August 23rd that it may apply penalties if they break the terms of their operating license by doing foreign exchange transactions. According to the CBN’s newest circular, microfinance banks have relatively low capitalization, therefore processing such transactions endangers the financial system’s stability. Let’s go over a little backstory on that before talking about Mahmood’s statement.

CBN Decisions That Started Influencing Naira

The central bank’s latest warning came after the country’s major bank cautioned or took action against financial institutions that did not follow its currency exchange rules at its most recent monetary policy committee meeting. As previously reported, the CBN has stopped selling foreign money to Bureau de Change operators after accusing them of aiding the illegal market in foreign currency.

The CBN recently announced the blocking of fintech companies’ bank accounts, accusing them of contributing to the naira’s depreciation. Nevertheless, despite the threats of the CBN and past sanctions, Nigeria still lacks foreign currency in the official market. In fact, some of the threats seem to have worsened naira’s already precarious position. For example, immediately after the CBN’s decision to ban the sale of currency to Bureau de Change operators, the exchange rate of the naira in the parallel market fell to a new low of 1 US dollar for N525. This unofficial rate is 25% lower than the official CBN rate of 1 US dollar for N411.

Although it is not immediately clear how the latest threat will affect the naira exchange rate, it is unlikely that it will kill the parallel market. It remains to be seen whether CBN also intends to use its largely ineffective threat policy against commercial banks and other, larger financial institutions.

What is Happening Today

Mahmoud’s comments on not being worried about naira’s valuation came just a day after the local currency hit a new low on the market, according to the article. The current CBN spot exchange rate of around 411 naira to the dollar is notably different from this new secondary market exchange rate. Despite the obvious gaps between the two rates, Mahmoud reiterated that reducing the gap is not a priority for the central bank, addressing at a virtual investor conference. Mahmoud elaborated: “We are not worried about the evaluation. What bothers us is the offer and the system’s trustworthiness.”

Nigeria has been experiencing a foreign currency deficit since the second quarter of 2020, putting additional pressure on the naira. Since March 2020, the CBN has depreciated the naira three times to relieve pressure on the currency. In addition, the central bank has imposed a series of limitations aimed at limiting foreign currency movement. Despite the devaluation and restrictions, the naira continues to lose ground against major currencies like the US dollar due to “market failures,” as Mahmoud puts it.

These market disruptions, according to the CBN’s director of monetary policy, prompted the central bank to “implement a managed floating-side regime.” Hopefully, Mahmoud knows what he is doing.

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Best Forex Brokers in South Africa

Forex trading in South Africa is continuously growing and reaching new heights. Forex market turnover is reaching new all time highs each month after the quick COVID-19 market recovery. Also its national currency, the South African rand (ZAR), is listed among the top 20 most traded currencies in the market, which indicates that this is one of the most active trading markets in the world.


Top service providers, i.e. Forex brokers, in South Africa are either regulated by the native financial institution or a Tier-1 international regulator. Either way, the only way a broker can operate in this country is if it has top-notch safety features and fund protection mechanisms.


In this guide, we’ll explore how the foreign exchange market works in South Africa and how you can take advantage of all its trading opportunities.


Top Rated Forex Brokers for South African residents

Most South African forex brokers  are regulated by the FSCA Financial Sector Conduct Authority watchdog. But almost any foreign forex broker will gladly open a trading account for South African citizen, it doesn’t have to be FSCA regulated fx broker.

Best forex brokers for South African traders are:

1.    AvaTrade

2.    XTB

3.    XM

4.    Pepperstone

5.    IC Markets

6.    CM Trading

7.    FBS


Any of aforementioned trusted South African forex trading brokers will provide South African forex traders with top notch customer service, secure access to fxtrading, low spreads and fast trade execution. Last but not the least the possibility to deposit in ZAR currency which diminishes currency exchange risks!

Trading safety in South Africa with FSCA Financial Sector Conduct Authority

According to Edward Kendy, who is an expert on forex brokers: “When you’re trading forex in South Africa, you defintelyneed to make sure that you’re getting service from a trustworthy and regulated forex brokerage firm, as many forex companies from offshore are pure scam”.


You can do that by checking its license in FSCA register of regulated entities.


On one hand, your broker can have a financial license from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), which is the main regulator in South Africa. It oversees the brokers’ activities and ensures that they don’t drag you into scams.


But you can also get a reliable international broker in South Africa. For that, a broker should come with a high-tier regulator, among which there are:


     Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) from the UK

     Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

     Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

     Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)


With either of these regulators, you can rest assured that your broker is as reliable as possible.

Beneficial trading terms and conditions in South Africa

Along with safety, Forex trading in South Africa also comes with many trading benefits. Starting from one of the most popular national currencies all the way to higher leverage rates and the availability of bonuses, you can find features that help you take your trading effectiveness to the next level.


Here are some of the most prominent advantages you can get when trading Forex in South Africa:


     While ZAR is considered an Exotic currency, it’s still one of the most liquid and heavily-traded currencies in the world. This enables you to trade it at any time without limitations.

     South African brokers usually offer you local payment methods along with international ones. These include local banks, as well as e-wallets like PayFast and PayGate.

     The FSCA doesn’t have a strict leverage cap unlike the EU or US regulators. Therefore, you can get much higher leverage than 1:30 with South African Forex brokers.

     Just like leverage, bonus promotions don’t have restrictions in South Africa, which means you can include deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, and other types of promotions into your positions.

Is it worth trading Forex in South Africa?

As we have explored, the foreign exchange market in South Africa boasts sound regulatory measures, as well as trading features that are designed to increase your productivity in the market.


If you choose a broker that either has a local FSCA license or an international one, and comes with lower commission rates, high leverage, and top-tier execution modes, you’ll have better chances of succeeding while trading Forex in South Africa.

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How to get a Parimatch bonus?


Today almost all users pay attention to a loyalty program when choosing a bookmaker’s office.

It’s easy to get the Parimatch bonusYou can get one already at the first stages of betting in this company.

All promotions and special offers here are available when playing both via a computer and a mobile phone. Choose any convenient gadget and you will be able to enjoy all benefits of the loyalty program.

To get the bonus from this company, you just need to undergo a simple registration procedure and fund your account.

After that, a reward will come to your additional balance.


Bonus funds cannot be easily withdrawn from your account.

But they can be easily converted into new predictions for matches presented in the live.

or prematch modes on the website of this bookmaker.

Since the coverage of events here is pretty large, anyone will be able to find something interesting for themselves.

It’s very easy to wager the bonus in Parimatch. Profits from successful bets will go to the main account.

From there, money can be easily withdrawn using the available payment systems.

To carry out transactions, you can use both bank cards and electronic wallets.

Find out the latest sports news at Azscore

Thanks to the development of progressive technologies, it is much easier to stay up to date with the latest news.

To do this, open and you will be able to keep abreast of all news.

The sports statistics website provides only relevant information about competitions held at different parts of the world.

It is very convenient to monitor the news here, because you can follow several games at once here.

Other advantages of betting on the reliable platform includes:

  1. Ability to find out the schedule of upcoming matches. You can study the calendar of games of your favourite club to better understand what kind of challenges it will have in the near future.
  2. Chance to follow the position of clubs in the standings. Information about positions of teams is updated live. Since all tournament tables are packed to the brim, Azscore will provide you with the most reliable and correct information.
  3. Ability to get news about successes of certain performers.

Thus, be sure to use the information provided on the sports statistics website,

and your bets at the reliable bookmaker will become even more accurate and profitable.

Here you can be sure that you are only provided with up-to-date data. They are updated regularly.

Feature News Sports

Which platforms are compatible with the 1xBet app


Right now the 1xBet official software is available for a wide range of devices. In fact, it should be stated that it is possible to use it in practically any smartphone or tablet currently in existence and use. This is because of many reasons. Let’s examine how and why the 1xBet app has become a true industry leader:

  • the 1xBet official software has been developed with user convenience as its first priority, in other words, everybody from 1xBet has been doing their biggest efforts in ensuring that as many people as possible are capable of using the software;
  • offering the best possible experience is another goal that the 1xBet team has worked hard for achieving, this has resulted in offering a piece of software that is capable of satisfying the needs of practically all fans of sports and casino games;
  • and last but not least, the program can be obtained for totally free!

As it can be observed, there are many fantastic aspects about the app 1xBet. Also, those who want to know precisely what are the devices compatible with the software offered by this bookmaker, it should be stated that it is currently available for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

1xBet Nigeria offers the best possible experience

People from Nigeria are extremely passionate about a wide range of different sports. Probably that’s the main reason for which 1xBet Nigeria is one of the most successful local branches of 1xBet. There are many aspects of this platform that have been designed in such a way to satisfy the unique tastes and preferences of those living in Nigeria.

For example, it is possible to use the program in English language. Not only this is the international form of communication used all across the world. It is also one of the primary languages in the country. Also, it is possible to use many forms of payment that are available in the country. They allow people from Nigeria to withdraw and add funds to their accounts without any kind of issue.

Also, regarding the sportsbook itself, there are many local Nigerian competitions featured at the 1xBet platform. This means that people from the country not only can follow what is happening in the rest of the world, as they also love to do that. For them it is possible to know precisely what is going on in the sports fields that are near them! In general, Nigeria 1xBet has undertaken a huge effort in satisfying the sports needs of those living in that country. That’s why everyone must try that platform now.

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Watch football today together with the reliable leader of the sports broadcasting market


The season in the English championship is gradually gaining momentum. Now, it is easy to follow it on the sports statistics website. You can watch football today both via a computer and a mobile device.

On the reliable platform, it is easy to watch competitions Norwich take part in. The team failed to start the new season properly. Therefore, as early as in the second half of August, the club penetrated the transfer market to strengthen its weak positions.

First, the transfer involved an American forward Josh Sargent. The striker moved to the Canaries’ camp from Werder.

The team definitely needs competition in the front line. Besides an experienced Pukki, there are almost no high-quality performers there. Sargent is still young; he is only 21. Let’s see how much the head coach will trust him and how it will affect the football results of the games today. For now, it should be noted that Norwich paid almost 10 million euros for the promising forward.

It is clear that the team’s main goal for the current season is to remain in the elite league. When it last played in the Premier League, Norwich finished in the last position with actually no chances. Now the team has become stronger, more experienced. As a result, fans expect more decent results from it. However, the first rounds have already demonstrated that it won’t be easy to fulfill the task. However, there is still almost an entire year ahead, so the situation may change drastically.

Premier league result of the most interesting games

The Premier League is famous for a tough struggle not only for the championship, but for remaining in the elite as well. Surely, Norwich will be among the central actors here. Now, the premier league result is available on the reliable resource. It is also easy to follow the games played by the Canaries. As for their prospects in the struggle for remaining in the elite, it should be noted that the team has plenty of strong points, including the follows:

  1. Decent teamwork. On the field, it looks like a single team. Therefore, it will be difficult to beat the team even for recognized favorites.
  2. The main stars’ individual skills. For instance, Pukki and Krul. They are experienced performers who know perfectly well how to distribute forces over a long distance properly to achieve the required result.
  3. The experienced head coach. He has been working with the team for several years, so he knows his team’s capabilities perfectly well. This helps to choose the optimal quad considering the opponent’s weak points.

Soon, we’ll find out how this will affect the team’s result in the Premier League. Most part of the long and busy season is ahead, dozens of interesting games are waiting for the fans, including the ones with participation of Norwich.

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Tech Business?


person using both laptop and smartphone 

It’s true what they say, “Time is money,” and today, like never before, efficient time and workload management is crucial to be successful in whichever field you’re working in. Modern business owners are engaged in so many tasks in a single day that it becomes confusing to manage all that workload alone. 

Leaving that aside, have you ever dreamed about that someone that could show up in your company and rescue you from the mountain of emails, social media, digital filing, copywriting, and the rest? Someone you could trust to keep your young organization running while away for work pleasure? 

Perhaps you need a virtual assistant! These efficient and highly skilled professionals are the ultimate multi-taskers. Where you’re familiar with the idea or not, VAs can make your life easier by helping your business run smoothly. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

You might be familiar with the term, but you still don’t really know what a virtual assistant is? 

VAs or virtual assistants offer a wide range of services from creative, administrative, and technical support services for your business. 

Some of the most common tasks offered by these services include: 

  • Website design and maintenance
  • Email management 
  • Content writing 
  • Content creation 
  • Social media management 
  • Project management 
  • Administrative tasks 
  • Calendar management 
  • SEO 
  • Blogging  

…The list goes on and on!

 Depending on the industry, there are so many other tasks as skilled VA can help your business with. 

Reliable virtual assistant companies like Virtalent can provide an account manager to you entrepreneurs find a VA on its staff that matches your personality, work style, and of course, the tasks you need accomplishing. With their top-notch assistance, you will get things done smoothly within the deadline. 

Virtual Assistants can Drive Business Growth. 

In the simplest sense of the matter, you cannot run all the tasks yourself. Having an extra hand on time-consuming projects is vital to your business growth. 

For one thing, collaboration works wonders within any business, so there’s a good chance you’ll help your business flourish with strategic partnerships and shared interests. 

Just think about it: When trying to enhance your organizational potential, bring a skilled virtual assistant into your process. 

Show your VA how to develop an in-depth understanding of your business ethics and policies. Give access to the virtual floor, and allow her/him to share ideas. 

Eventually, you get to harvest great results from this substantial growth in production.

Access to Top-Notch Talent 

Finding a personal assistant employee is now considered tiring and burdensome by most business owners. Even so, you can never be sure who will prove beneficial for your business and who won’t. An outsider can understand your business better than you’d imagine. As a result, you would see that know-how getting reflected in each and every job performed by them. 

Even better, hiring a virtual assistant means you don’t have to be bothered about the geo-restrictions imposed by different states. As such, you can access world-class talent at any time.  

Thus, smarter options become accessible at comparatively lower costs making your business sure to shine.

The more you collaborate with your online assistant, the clearer would be his understanding of critical and non-critical requirements. Progressively, the virtual assistant becomes an invaluable team member who just happens to work remotely. 

Reduce Operational Costs 

Virtual assistant and independent contractors, which means you don’t have to worry about costs regarding: 

  • Annual leave 
  • Sick days 
  • Payroll taxes
  • Insurance
  • Worker comp
  • Office space 
  • Other employee benefits 
  • Equipment expenses 

More often than not, business owners find it difficult to cope with their expenses. Getting some of the tasks outsourced is a great money-saving method for these business owners. 

Savings – who doesn’t love them? 

Your virtual assistant can help you cut down on operational costs. You don’t need to purchase tech equipment like hardware, computers, and applications. 

Depending on your current business needs, your VA can work either on a full-time or a part-time basis. Unlike a regular employee, a virtual assistant costs less, as you don’t have to stress about anything employee-related. Hiring a VA means you pay them for their services, and that’s it. 

Strengthen Your Organizational Weaknesses

Let’s face it, as a business owner, you don’t really know every system and platform, the best way to complete every task, or the latest details of those annoying new algorithms that change every now and then. Bringing a virtual assistant into your team often means you’re mending your weaknesses.

You already know there is someone out there that can do every single job faster and better than you do, and you can hire them to do it. If that’s so, as surely is, you get the chance to learn from them, improve your skills and continue growing.

Experts Available 14/7

As we speak, just being available to clients for 9-10 hours isn’t enough.

Having 24/7 availability allows businesses to extend their market reach. Planning to make your business available 24/7 for the customers?

Bring a VA from a different time zone, and be sure they will deal with your customers. What’s more, the virtual assistants will be there to help you even during official holidays. The best part is that you don’t need to stress about any temporary shortage of workforce with VA services. And that’s because you will always receive an extra hand – a backup of other skilled VAs who can replace the one you work with at the same time. Great, isn’t it?

A virtual assistant will save you not only money but also time and stress. Even better, you will gain a new perspective on your company and any existent weaknesses or issues that may come along.

As the online space continues to grow, there will continue to be new ways to market and expand your business online. If you’re exhausted, short on time, or just need some extra help, hiring a virtual assistant will help you better manage these issues while making things simpler for the business.