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Event Management

We at 29 entertainment offer a unique service second to none in the event management industry. We start and end the event for you thereby limiting all the stress and fatigue you as the host is supposed to pass through in the cause of the event.


How we operate
We operate as an event coordinator, by bringing together all aspect of your event from venue, catering, invitation, security and everything needed to make the event successful.

We take 100% liability for any failure that may occur due to negligence by either our actions or inactions.


Our Aim

The main aim of our service is to ensure that we host you in your own event and give you your dream event at a reasonable cost.


Our Service

We are tailored to give you the best event based on your budget and expectation. In addition we shall offer you the best consultation to ensure that your event meets the required standards. However we charge a reasonable fee to ensure we cover of our operation cost and services rendered.


For enquires and bookings please contact: events@29entertainment.com


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