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Why I apologised to my lesbian daughter – Charlyboy


Popular entertainer cum good governance activist, Charles Oputa,.AKA Charlyboy has explained why he apologized to his lesbian daughter, Dewy Oputa after she accused him of neglect.


Recall that Dewy had called out her father on Instagram, when he revealed how he felt about her sexuality.


Charly Boy had stressed that he is in support of his daughter, irrespective of her choice of a sexual partner.


But Dewy who didn’t seem pleased with her father’s statement accused him of being a ‘hypocrite.


But speaking in an interview, Charlyboy said he apologized to his daughter because he realized he was encroaching into her private life.


”I apologized because I had same clash with my father who was trying to doctor my life. I resisted and said no, I will tell my own story.


”I did not realize I was encroaching. Even though initially when I heard, like any other parent, I was concerned but then I cannot be hypocritical because I have fought for LGBT right and some many rights. So because of my daughter, I cant change.


”When I realized that, I apologized to her because we are friends. It is not a father-daughter relationship, we are buddy and that is the special bond I share with all my children,” he added.

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June 12: Comedian, Mr Macaroni joins Democracy Day protest in Lagos


Popular comedian, Debo Adebayo, more popular as Mr Macaroni, has joined Lagos residents protesting at the Gani Fawehinmi Park in the Ojota area.


Police had earlier dispersed the June 12 protesters with tear gas and gunshots.


However, they converged again in front of a motor park, approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, with placards.


The crowd chanted “Buhari must go”, demanding good governance and an end to insecurity in the country.


Addressing journalists, Mr Macaroni wondered why President Muhammadu Buhari, who contested presidential elections at least four times before he was voted into office, is the same person causing pains to Nigerians.


In February 2021, Mr Macaroni was arrested for protesting at the Lekki toll gate, where he demanded that justice be served to the victims of the October 20, 2020 #EndSARS protests at the toll plaza.

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We are in depressing times in Nigeria – Kate Henshaw


Veteran actor, Kate Henshaw, has called on all Nigerians to look out for one another in this period, which she calls ‘depressing times’.


Henshaw, in a tweet on Monday, said, “Talk to someone if you have to. Take a break. We are in depressing times. Make person head no go blow like gasket for engine. (sic)


“We need each other at optimum to get through this. #KeepItOn.”


The movie star had earlier berated the government over the ban of Twitter in the country.


In an earlier tweet, she wrote, “Majority are barely surviving, being killed with reckless abandon. Our children are kidnapped at will, but it’s Twitter that has helped expose these ills that is the problem?”


Twitter, in support of Nigerians, came up with the hashtag #KeepItOn after the ban of the microblogging site by the Federal Government was announced on Friday by Nigeria’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed.


The use of Twitter was described as a punishable offence by the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN, despite it not being enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

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Actor Yemi Solade backs Presidency on Twitter ban


Veteran Nigerian actor, Yemi Solade, has backed the Presidency on the recent Twitter ban, describing the move as the “best decision the Presidency could have made”.


Solade, in an interview with GoldmyneTV, stated that the microblogging platform went too far by insulting the President, Muhammadu Buhari and by extension, all Nigerians.


He said, “This is not the first time Twitter will try to humiliate Nigeria. It happened to Pastor Chris Oyakilhome some years back. I think the white supremacist and imperialist tendencies should be curbed sometimes.


“As much as I am of the opinion that everybody has a right to expression and thoughts, but when a platform is used to want to ferment trouble and project anarchy, there should be rules regulating such practices. In this case, a lot happens on Twitter.


“I am not really a Twitter fan; I do little on Twitter. I would want to align with that school of thought that says Twitter was not really helping. Nigeria has so many problems to contend with and Twitter was not really helping the country.”


According to Solade, most of the posts Twitter made were far too negative, especially hitting the government of Nigeria.


He noted that the decision, however, trampled on the fundamental human rights of Nigerians because most business people would miss the platform.


“I want to think in the larger space, it really trampled on the fundamental human rights of Nigerians. Because the President or the Presidency is aggrieved with Twitter, it does not mean that over 190 million Nigerians should queue behind the President,” Solade stated.


He continued, “I support my President this time around though. I am not trying to doublespeak, but I think it is a two-way thing. The best the Presidency could do has been done for now. We don’t know how long, but we hope the issue will be resolved and Twitter will begin to function in Nigeria.”

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Man who beats his wife deserves duplex in psychiatric hospital – Mike Bamiloye

Mike Bamiloye, Founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, has described as ‘living dead, women who beat their husband.

The cleric, who kicked against domestic violence in a post on his Instagram page, said any man that beats his wife deserves to be in a psychiatric hospital.

According to him, any man who uses a belt, or beats his wife, or even uses any violent means on his wife is worthy of being awarded a duplex at a psychiatric hospital.

“When a man uses belt, wire, blow, knife, slap or any domestic violent means in his wife, he is worthy to be awarded a duplex at Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital or he can just go there himself and tell them to admit him there until he is okay.

“And a wife that beats her husband is dead and rotten while she is living.”

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Why I attempted suicide in 2018, Real Warri Pikin reveals


Popular Nigerian comedienne, Anita Asuoha, fondly referred to as Real Warri Pikin, has revealed that in June 2018, she attempted suicide.

The funny lady revealed that at the time, her family was in debt to the tune of N22m. She made this revelation on Sunday via her verified Instagram page.

In one of the pictures she posted, the comedienne turned actress posed, looking dapper in a suit. The second picture showed her receiving a drip as she lay on a bed in a place that looked like a hospital.

She took to the caption section to reveal her ordeal at the time.

Asuoha wrote, “On the 6th of June, 2018, the only words I was hearing in my head were ‘end it now! give up already! No hope! You and Ikechukwu will never pay up the N22m debt! The suffering will never end! End it! End it!’

“You will beg all the days of your life! Help will never come! Rent, school fees, bills are due you can’t pay! You and Ikechukwu salary put together in 5 years can’t pay back the debt End it! The banks, Friends etc. you owe won’t stop calling and embarrassing you. end it! The Shame and pain is too much and it will get worse. End it! End it now! God will never come truuuuuuuuu for you!” (sic)

She further explained that at a point, she gave in to the thoughts in her head and attempted suicide.

The comedienne continued, “And because I was exhausted, I believed the voices in my head. I made an attempt to take my own life. (Dear God, thank you for giving me a second chance).

“Little did I know that my breakthrough was near and God was just preparing me for where he was taking me.”

Asuoha seized the moment to advise her friends and fans to always say no to suicide. She further urged them not to give up on their dreams.

The funny lady advised, “Las las, na who give up lose. Say no to suicide. Build capacity. Nobody owes you anything. Hope in God alone. Take only calculated risks. Problem nor dey finish. Balance your circle. Always check on your mental health. Don’t be hard on you.” (sic)

Her revelation elicited a lot of conversations from her friends and fans who took to her comment section to air their opinion and congratulate the comedienne for scaling the difficult hurdle.

Popular entertainer, Denrele Edun, said. “Your life has a purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. Love yourself. Value yourself. Be yourself. The world needs YOU! Sis, you’re a LIVING TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Popular dancer, Kaffy, simply wrote, “God be praised.”

Music executive, Ubi Franklin, noted that he first met the comedienne around that time, but she seemed fine.

He wrote, “Life is crazy. I met you this year or I think 2017; you didn’t look like anyone who was going through anything. May God always keep and strengthen us through hard times.”

Meanwhile, in 2016, the World Health Organisation revealed that Nigeria had the highest rate of suicide among African countries with over 17,000 lives lost to suicide that year.

The figure puts Nigeria as the leading country in the African region, followed by Ethiopia and South Africa with 7,323 and 6,476 cases, respectively.

In the report titled ‘Suicide in the World: Global Health Estimates’, hanging, pesticide, self-poisoning and shooting were the three commonest methods by which people committed suicide.

For Nigeria, WHO said 17,710 cases of suicide were recorded in 2016 at all ages. Of these cases, 8,410 were females while 9,300 were males. The percentage ratio of men to women was 53:47.

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Nollywood actor, Bigvai Jokotoye becomes U.S citizen


Nollywood actor, Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye is jubilant as he successfully clinched U.S citizenship.


The Oyo native disclosed via his verified Instagram page that he is a happy man after securing dual citizenship.


He said “Guys, I’m super happy, so happy. I am the happiest man right now. Yes! If you’re happy for me, God will do the same for you.


”I am now a U.S citizen. Guess what, this morning was my interview and because I had a flight to catch, the ceremony was done in the office instantly. Thank God on my behalf “ he added.

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2face reveals why he chose Annie above other women


Award-winning musician, 2face Idibia also known as 2Baba has opened up on why he married his wife, Annie Idibia despite having kids from other women.


The “African Queen” crooner who is a father to seven children; five from his previous relationships with other women and two with his wife, Annie Idibia made this known during an interview with Hypertek’s Digital boss.


The musician said Annie stuck by him through the rainy and sunny days.


He further explained that all his baby mamas were rich and very much learned but Annie possessed the latter and not the former.



“You see, Annie is from an average background like myself and we both started from nothing.


“She stuck by me through it all. When there was no car she hopped on bikes, took the bus, and even trekked with me.


“When there was no money or house or hit song or millions of albums sold or big awards and accolades.


“She would always hold my head, look me in the eyes and tell me things will be fine one day. When I wasn’t handsome, she would call me her prince charming.


“Even when I wasn’t celebrated, she called me her king and said she is my number one fan and to this day, she still is.


“After I made it big as a musician and started misbehaving and controversies almost destroyed my career, she would go down on her knees and pray to God to show me the way and give me victory over my enemies.


“I did not choose who had more to offer me, I chose Annie because she offered me her all when we had very little,” he said.

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Nigeria is slipping into anarchy – Rita Dominic


Nigerian actress Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha popular as Rita Dominic has lamented that the country is slipping into anarchy without any attempt to arrest the situation.


The movie star’s comment is coming amidst unrest in various parts of the country with cases of killing, kidnapping, and banditry.


The 45-year-old actress in a post on her Twitter page said elected officials must do more to address the worsening state of things before they get out of hand.


According to her, there must be concerted efforts by the government to douse the rising tension in the country for peace to reign.


Dominic said the “harassment and killing of innocent citizens” cannot address the challenges confronting the country.


“I am afraid that we are watching Nigeria slip into anarchy. It is surreal. Our elected officials need to work harder to douse the tension in the country. We need peace to reign. Harassing and killing innocent citizens can never solve anything,” she tweeted.

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Insecurity: Actress Lala Akindoju lets out frustration against leaders

Popular Nigerian Actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju, is upset with the level of insecurity in the country and she is not mincing her words about her displeasure. Pondering on the high rate of insecurity in the country, the actress wonders if the lives of citizens matter to our leaders.

Taking to her verified Twitter account, Akindoju, in a lengthy thread, noted that she is heartbroken about the current level of insecurity in the country.

She wrote, “Do the lives of Nigerians not matter to our leaders? What is more troubling is how our leaders carry on as though all is well. Like they continue attending events and giving speeches like everything is rosy in this country. Things happen; people get killed, people are kidnapped, people are harassed. There’s an uproar and our leaders act as nothing happened.

“The thing actually confuses me. The last time, Mr Macaroni and other peaceful protesters were beaten and harassed like criminals. After we shouted here, did anything happen? Did the Governor of the state address it?”

The screen diva stressed that even though insecurity is on the rise, nobody seems to do anything about it. More so, the leaders are not empathetic.

She continued, “Insecurity is on the rise; nobody is safe, killings are now normal around the country and we all live in fear. Yet, our leaders just look away. Not even an attempt to show empathy for the people that put them there.

“The constitution was supposedly being reviewed and it was done for just two days. Meanwhile, we know how much time and resources go into election campaigns and political rallies.

“Panels were set up to investigate police brutality; again, another sham. One second, we believe that we can actually work together and build the Nigeria of our dreams. The next second, our leaders remind us that we are just a joke to them. It is why we outsource common sense to prayer in Nigeria. God has given us all we need yet… on June 12, these same leaders will celebrate democracy day and start giving speeches. El-oh-el.”

The thespian noted that Nigeria has left her heartbroken and disenfranchised, adding she is no longer interested in building the Nigeria of her dreams.

“Was telling my second mum how heartbroken and disenfranchised Nigeria has left me. How I am no longer interested in building the Nigeria of our dreams. Every day, you wake up with hope, and then all hope is dashed. Every single day. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow, but right now, no.”